My Journey

I was 41 when I had my second child after suffering from five miscarriages. During that time, I had also been made redundant from my accountancy job and lost my mother in law to brain cancer. I wasn’t in a good place mentally and felt that my life was ‘on hold’. After my second child was born, I woke up one day and decided I was going to change my career and pursue my passion in health and fitness. My life was not on hold anymore!

Two years later, aged 43, I realised that my body felt differently than it had after my first baby. I was irritable, not losing the weight, lacking in energy and having sleep problems. By now I had retrained into the health and fitness industry and gained my personal training qualification. We didn’t learn about hormones specific to women. We didn’t learn about symptoms like mood swings, brain fog, irritability, forgetfulness, trouble sleeping, water retention, PMS, weight gain, loss of libido, decreased sense of wellbeing, depression, headaches. I turned to a friend who is a nutritional therapist and explained some of my symptoms. She was determined to find out what was going on.

One day she said, “I think it might be perimenopause”. I started doing my own research and I was shocked. Why did I not know about this? I remember at school we were separated from the boys and taken off into a room where we talked about periods and tampons and sanitary towels and given a little leaflet to take away and read. Why isn’t there a little manual given to us all at a certain age to explain what happens when our periods end and not just begin? Why are there ante natal classes for giving birth but nothing for perimenopause to prepare you? I mean, considering it’s a life changing process we are going into it totally unprepared.

My research led to me into training to become a specialist wellness coach for menopause and I continue to study and learn constantly. As a Mum of two I am juggling the life of Mum, Wife, Chef, Entrepreneur, Friend and Chief Tidy-upper!! Some days are better than others but I have learned to just do my best and to become more in tune with what my body needs. This is what I want for my clients.

My passion is to help women understand this stage of life and empower you to start making small changes in your lives now so you can thrive for the rest of it. 

Jacqui x

Are you ready to rediscover you? 

After experiencing perimenopause symptoms herself, Jacqui Sechiari spent 5 years researching into the ‘Why,’ What,’ Who,’ & ‘Where,’ of the menopause world. She has done the research so you don’t have to. Here is everything she found out.